How You Can Automate FTP Transfers and Save Time

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Published: 08th May 2020
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Anyone who relies on managing files over a remote FTP or SFTP server knows just how time-consuming it can be when using the basic FTP client. Although these clients are often free, they have a very limited set of features, and they're often plagued by unresponsive interfaces and a variety of other problems. Consider the process involved in working with a single file stored on a remote server using such a client. Firstly, you have to log into the remote server before browsing through the folders and downloading or uploading each file individually. For the occasional minor job, this does not usually present a problem, but it becomes completely impractical when you need to work with large numbers of files or synchronize entire folders. This is when you need a more advanced solution such as the one provided by FTPGetter 3 Professional.

Get More Done with a Terminal Emulator

FTPGetter 3 Professional features a powerful terminal emulator which provides users with a far greater degree of flexibility and control over the contents of the remote server. A highly important tool and a must-have for anyone who regularly works with data on an FTP or SFTP server, it allows users to take advantage of a familiar and highly responsive command line interface. If you have ever used the command line interface found in Windows and various other operating systems, you will find the terminal emulator tool in FTPGetter 3 Professional to be extremely straightforward to use. It provides many functions and intuitive commands for a wide range of file operations and directory navigation, depending on the degree of security access you have to the files on the remote server.

Save Time with Automated Synchronization

Given that the standard FTP client provides only a very small set of functions, upgrading to a solution like FTPGetter 3 Professional provides a vast range of additional features to save you more time than you could ever have imagined possible. Those who work regularly with FTP or SFTP servers need a solution that they can rely on, and FTPGetter 3 Professional provides the full range of automation and synchronization abilities to such an extent that it requires minimal user interaction. Additionally, the user interface will be instantly familiar to anyone who has used a standard FTP client, and setting up scheduled tasks is a quick and easy process that only takes a matter of minutes. Once automated synchronization has been set up, the program will monitor all file changes on both the local computer and remote server and update files as necessary to ensure that all data is kept current. Thanks to support for file masks and batch processing, you can enjoy an even greater degree of flexibility.

FTPGetter 3 Professional also provides a range of features for more demanding and experienced users, including a scripting utility for creating more complex automated tasks involving things like file compression. The possibilities to save time and minimize the risk of human error are boundless with this powerful software. Find out more at

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